2016 Explore & Experience Virtual Vision Board

A friend of mine makes a vision board each year, and swears up and down that having that visual reminder has helped her achieve many of her goals over the years.  I figured I’d give it a go, and decided to make one for my exploration and experience goals for the year.  Rather than cut up all my magazines, I thought it would be fun to make a virtual vision board online.  Below you can see what adventures we hope to partake in.



2016 Explore & Experience Goals



-Go to Flushing Meadows Park in Queens

-Visit a small town in NJ and NY (maybe Sleepy Hollow?)

-Go to City Island

-Go to Las Vegas (and try to make it to the Grand Canyon)

-Visit Maine

-Explore our new hometown

-Check out off the beaten path things in NYC (like the secret 6 train City Hall subway station)



-Check out a new art exhibit

-Do a foodie tour of a neighborhood in NYC

-Go glamping?

-Brunch in Suburbia

-Host an International Potluck

-Check something off my bucket list

-See a waterfall

-Try a new hike

-Take a class to learn something new

-Visit the 9/11 memorial

-Drink a fancy coffee


Kiddie Fun

-Go to a Waterpark

-Visit Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

-Check out Star Wars exhibit in NYC

-Go to a play/musical/circus


What are your goals for 2016?

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